Big changes, new ways to participate!

We have some exciting news! After finishing our first big initiative we asked you for your feedback about how we’re doing so far. Here are the big things we learned: 1) You wanted more options for participation, and 2) You wanted real time updates about how much money we’ve raised for the scholarship. We took your feedback to heart and started looking into new ways for people to be able to get involved in Eastern Further. As a result, the Eastern Further team has moved its operations to Razoo! Does this sound like nonsense to you? What’s Razoo? Don’t worry, we’ll catch you up.

Razoo is a crowd-funding website where teams and individuals can launch online fundraisers for causes that move them. We’ve made an Eastern Further fundraising team, and the proceeds of our efforts will go directly to the Eastern Further Women’s Leadership Scholarship. The website will allow you to see real-time updates about how much we’ve raised. The coolest part about this site is that it will let anyone make their own fundraising page in connection with this team. That means that you can get involved wherever you are and at whatever level is comfortable for you. If you’re planning on doing a running race, bike race, triathlon, relay race, really whatever, you can make a fundraising page associated with your efforts and become a part of the Eastern Further team. We’d love to have you!

If you think you might be interested in doing your own fundraising page on the Eastern Further team, feel free to go ahead and get started! It’s easy. First you will need to go to our team page, find the “join this team” box, and click “fundraiser”. From there, you get to tell your own story, set your own goals, and update your friends and supporters about your progress. If you have any questions, or wants some help with figuring out how you might like to get involved, please feel free to contact us at


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