Becky Whitehurst – Springtime Memories

becky whitehurstI miss EKU the most in the spring. There’s something about the spring temperature, no matter where I am, that reminds me of my days on the campus beautiful. Maybe it was the way the tulips lined University Drive, the green grass covered the Ravine or the rare glimpse of the Powell fountain actually running that signaled spring is in the air. Either way, I’m thankful for the reminder.

When I’m reminded of EKU, many fond memories resurface. I think of running SGA campaigns, attending various Greek competitions, and numerous nights with friends who have stuck by me through the years. I also think of the ways I was challenged in my classes and taught life lesson by various staff members. I would say that many of my peers had life-enriching experiences at EKU. So what should we do with that? How do we show gratitude and acknowledgement that we received something awesome from being a part of the EKU community?

Since I’ve begun my journey as an alumna, I can’t help but think of ways to give back. I want more students to experience an even better version of what I did. (You only have to visit upstairs Powell, or take one look at the new science building to see that things get better at EKU year after year.) I started by serving on the Alumni Board. It’s a great way to stay involved in the University’s endeavors and have the information I need to promote EKU to my classmates. That has also led me to donate to Eastern every year.

I’m currently in a job where I get to encourage young alumni (graduated fewer than 10 years ago) to give back to their alma mater by donating. When some people hear that, they don’t understand how they could make an impact financially so soon after graduating. The truth is not many individuals will, but collectively they do. We ask people to give participation gifts. That’s a gift of any size that allows one to participate in the University’s fundraising efforts. For my employer, it’s not about how much you give, but that you do. It’s important for young alumni to develop a habit of giving and understand that together we can provide opportunities to future and current students.

So that’s what I’d encourage you to do: Participate in EKU’s fundraising efforts in any way that you can. Donate to an area of EKU that you care about and ask you friends to do the same. Our legacy at Eastern should be one that is shaped by being grateful for what we received and wanting to pay it forward by giving back.

Let’s see what we can accomplish together.

Becky Whitehurst, 2007

Secretary, International Alumni Association Board


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