Leading Adventure Programs Trips- Sarah Parr

Sarah Parr is an Elementary Education major at EKU who is involved in the Kentucky Education Association and the Campus Crusade for Christ. She is also a trip leader for EKU’s Adventure Programs, and had led groups of students in a variety of outdoor activities. Sarah answered our questions about being a leader in Adventure Programs, and we have to say, it sounds awesome:

Could you describe what it’s like to be a guide on an adventure trip? Sarah Parr

Being a trip leader with Adventure Programs is a huge privilege. I get to work with some amazing people doing awesome activities. Some of the trips I’ve led include rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, rappelling, horseback riding, and backpacking. Being a trip leader involves promoting trips, organizing details and paperwork, and overseeing the trip.

What has working for Adventure Program’s taught you about being a leader?

Adventure Programs has taught me that being a leader requires faith and trust in others. It means taking the initiative, but also allowing others to participate and challenge themselves. I have gained confidence in my leadership abilities by trying new things and learning from my experiences.

What benefits do you think that an experience with Adventure Programs has for the students who participate?

Adventure Programs offers a wide variety of outdoor pursuits. Whether a student is climbing at the wall or attending a trip or workshop, they will be gaining hands-on experience and knowledge for the outdoors. It is a great way to get involved, meet other students, and try something you’ve never done before.

What kind of influence has Adventure Programs had on you as an individual?

AP has had a huge impact on my college career. I was first involved with AP my freshman year when I started coming to the wall to climb. Climbing offered a new experience that really challenged me, and gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of awesome people. Since becoming involved with Adventure Programs, I have had the opportunity to try many new and exciting things, and get out and see a lot of really awesome places. Through AP I have climbed outdoors, backpacked in Wyoming, mountain biked. I took the Wilderness First Responder course through Landmark Learning in order to become a trip leader, which was an amazing learning opportunity. I also worked at a camp last summer as a mountain biking instructor. I wouldn’t have had either of these experiences if I hadn’t become involved with AP.

Do you have an idea of what you want to do after you graduate from Eastern? How has your experience as a student at Eastern impacted your plans?

I am exploring different options for post-graduation now. I plan on becoming an elementary school teacher, but I’m also looking into some jobs that would allow me to travel and still pursue my love of the outdoors. With the experience I have gained through AP there are many more opportunities available for me.


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