Impacting the Campus Community- Andrea Danley


Andrea Danley is student leader at EKU who has been an active member of AOII and an Orientation, Colonel Camp, and New Student Days  Leader. She discussed with what gained from being a student leader, and demonstrates how student leadership can make an impact on the campus community.


What activities are you involved in on campus?
I have been a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi for the last 3.5 years and served as VP of Communications and Nominating Chair. I have also served as the Vice President of Administration for the past year on EKU’s Panhellenic Council, which serves as the governing body for the sororities on our campus and serves on the Be The Cure Committee. I have also recently finished my service for the Office of First Year Programs as an Orientation, Colonel Camp, and New Student Days Leader. This is also my third and final year serving in EKU’s Student Dietetic Association, where I have held offices as Communications, Historian, and recently, Secretary.

What do Orientation Leaders do?
As an Orientation Leader, you have certain responsibilities to the incoming students, their families, and the campus community as a whole. First, we assist with the operational aspects of Orientation, such as giving tours, being peer leaders, helping students register for classes, and answer any questions the students have about college…We lead events like Colonel Camp, which has proven for the last few years to be extremely successful. Students who participate in Colonel Camp are more likely to have higher GPAs, be more involved, hold leadership roles, and have a higher retention rate than other first year students.

As an OL, what type of skills do you think you have developed? What is special about the experience?

Wow, I think a shorter question would be how hasn’t it impacted my life. Well, this experience has truly made my college career. I’ve grown in leadership skills, being an effective communicator, being outgoing and initiating conversation, and better at thinking outside the box to achieve efficiency. I’ve learned what my strengths are as a leader and as a co-worker and I’ve learned how to apply those to other aspects of my life and other groups I’m involved in. I’ve learned what my learning style is, which is greatly helpful in academia. And I’ve learned about my personality and others, so that it’s easier for me to understand how people work and how to change my communication tactics to better work with others.

While it’s helped my leadership and professionalism, it’s also been a blessing through providing me with a second family. There’s something special about this group…For three months, your lives revolve around one experience and it’s cool to see what everyone brings to the table. I’ve found my best friends through these past three years. I’ve overcome some health complications through their support and encouragement. Loni, the Coordinator of Orientation & Family Programs, has been the greatest support and a huge role model in my life.

My Colonel Campers, now a total of 53, have also been a blessing. It’s incredible to watch them “grow up” and become leaders within the community and really find their home at EKU. I’ve seen some find their home in Greek Life, one has joined the EKU basketball team, others are serving on Student Senate or the Student Activities Council. A few have been Resident Assistants, others have served within Campus Ministries, and one has followed in my footsteps as an Orientation Leader for her second year. It’s so exciting to see them become their own person and it’s humbling when they turn to you and tell you how much of an impact you have been in their lives.

I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to be a genuine effective leader. Anyone can stand up, shout orders, and be recognized. But it takes a lot of learning to be a leader that people respect, will listen to, and genuinely care about. Being an OL has taught me how to do that. I’ve learned a lot about humility, asking for help when you need it, not getting caught up in drama, and having integrity. And I’ve learned those qualities from many of the Orientation Leaders that were Returners my first year, the current Graduate Assistant Lauren Childs, and my boss, Loni Crowe Yost.

What experiences that you’ve had at EKU do you think will have had the largest impact on you down the road? Why?

I would have to say my experiences as an OL have obviously had a significant impact on me, but I also owe a lot to my experience as a sorority member in AOII. Why? Because AOII has instilled in me the characteristics that have made me who I am today,…an independent, strong-willed and determined woman in today’s society, the importance of scholarship, devoting time to service and philanthropy work, how to be a respected servant leader, and to be a loyal, loving friend.


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