Student Leadership Spotlight- Nichole Arbino

Nichole Arbino is a leader. She has taken on leadership roles in student organizations on campus since she started her Freshman year at EKU. “When I started attending meetings of the Graphic Communications Society, I knew I wanted to be something,” Nichole said, explaining how she got her start in campus leadership during her Freshman year. Getting involved in student leadership early on helped her get acclimated to campus and make connections. Now, as a junior, Nichole is not only the Vice President of the Graphic Communications Society, she is also serving the student body through her leadership in the Student Government Association as the Executive Vice President.

Initially, Nichole didn’t aspire to running for an executive position in SGA. “I never though I was the type of person to be in this leadership role,” Nichol explained. After having participated in Student Government as a Student Senator, Nichole was wary of taking on the responsibility of chairing the Senate meetings because she wanted to maintain the ability to voice her opinions during debates. However, reflecting on her experience as the drum major in her high school marching band, a leadership position that she found rewarding despite her initial hesitations, drove her to go for it. When asked if it has paid off, Nichole did not have to think twice about saying, “oh gosh yes!” Her  experiences as a leader in SGA have guided her in making decisions about her next steps after graduation: to go to graduate school and pursue a degree that will help her land a job in student support.

Of course, her involvement in student governance so far hasn’t been without challenges. One of the main issues that Nichole identified was attempting to engage the portion of the student body at Eastern that are disinterested in campus issues. But the challenges of the position do not take away from her sense of responsibility for working for her fellow students, or her sense of satisfaction with SGA’s successes. Speaking about the new syllabus library, one of SGA’s major accomplishments so far this year, Nichole said that she realized, “we’re working to help everyone, regardless of whether or not they know it.”

Nichole expects to see more female leaders coming onto the national stage. She said, “it’s this generation of people, made of young women who are being told they can do anything,” that she believes will do more to support women’s leadership. When asked what advice she would give to young women interested in taking on leadership roles, Nichole said, “There’s no reason to be afraid of it….don’t be afraid of what you think you can’t do, just reach for it.”


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