You’ve come a long way, Ladies, and the journey’s only beginning

In the Sept. 24, 2012, edition of Advertising Age, 100 of the most influential women in advertising were recognized.  One of the items in that issue that caught my attention was an advertisement sponsored by Deutsch.

The ad brilliantly illustrated how far we’ve come in our national thinking about the role of women.

The headline, “you’ve come a long way, WOMEN” was accompanied by three clipped magazine ads of the 40s and 50s. One from World War II America features a woman wearing a U.S. Navy uniform exclaiming, “GEE! I wish I were a MAN!” Another shows a young professional male stretched out in bed wearing a freshly pressed dress white shirt and tie. Kneeling by his bedside is his wife who’s brought him a hot breakfast. The headline boldly says: “Show her it’s a man’s world.” The third ad, probably from the 40s, presents a handsomely dressed couple with the woman adoringly looking into the eyes of her husband or boyfriend saying, “I like what you like.”

Deutsch completes the ad’s message with: “Thanks to the women in advertising for making advertising a better place for women in advertising.”

I’m a proud husband of more than 25 years, the dad of three children—two of whom are adult ladies—one a recent graduate of Eastern Kentucky University and the other a freshman, and the oldest son of a lady who made darn sure that her two boys grew up always respecting women and believing that they, just like men, could soar just as high as long as comparable opportunities were afforded them.

I’m extremely proud of two rising alumni stars of EKU — Afsi Siahkoohi and Lindsey Cross, as they have taken the initiative to establish Eastern Further. Afsi and Lindsey are the guiding forces behind building a network of EKU alumni committed to supporting women’s leadership at Eastern. Their ultimate goal is to endow a Women’s Leadership Scholarship for promising female leaders attending our Alma Mater.

From the moment our children were born, my wife and I dreamed big dreams for each of them. We never permitted them and others to build imaginary walls that would restrict their own personal growth, academic success and lifetime pursuits. We especially seek this for our daughters as we want them to have the same opportunities and pay their male counterparts often receive.

Thanks to the whole Eastern Further team and all of their supporters, such scholarship support will enable any woman entering and graduating from Eastern to achieve whatever she wishes to become and achieve!

Yes, ladies, “you’ve come a long way” and the journey’s only beginning. And thanks to Eastern Further, I promise you will succeed!

Marc C. Whitt

Associate Vice President for Public Relations

EKU ’82 and ‘85


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