The Message We Send–Lindsey Cross

During my junior and senior years at EKU, I received a tuition award from the University. I had been elected as the Executive Vice President of the Student Government Association, one of a handful of SGA leadership positions that the University provides with a tuition remittance. The financial significance for a college student of such an award is fairly self-evident. But for me, the most important thing about this tuition award wasn’t the money, it was the message.

Being provided with a tuition award made me feel like I was being paid to do a job, and an important one. The office hours I conducted, the meetings I attended, all of the work I put into working as a leader in the Student Government carried not only the trust of my peers who elected me, but also of the University who had seen it fit to provide me with assistance in exchange for carrying out the responsibilities of my position. During those two years, I didn’t seek outside employment. I already had a job to do.

The clear message the University sent by providing officers in Student Government with a tuition award was that the contributions we were making to the University had value. This message had a major impact on me and the way I conceived my responsibilities and conducted myself as a leader. There are plenty of student leaders serving in a variety of organizations throughout the University for whom such tuition assistance is not available. They lead anyway.

While the Eastern Further Women’s Leadership Scholarship may not be able to relieve students entirely of their financial obligations while at EKU, we look forward to being able to help female student leaders fund their education in part and also send a strong message that the contributions made by these leaders are valued by the University community. By working together to start a scholarship in support of the great work that Eastern’s female leaders are doing, we will be able to send the message that they have our encouragement and our esteem. I can speak first hand about how meaningful such a message can be. I hope that you will join me in helping to make the Eastern Further Women’s Leadership Scholarship a reality. Your donation could make a big difference.


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One Comment on “The Message We Send–Lindsey Cross”

  1. Peggy
    November 21, 2012 at 2:58 AM #

    I enjoyed reading this article Lindsey. You expressed a way of accepting a scholarship that most people do not consider. It shows a real appreciation of such an award. -Peggy

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