Student Spotlight–Allison Miller

Allison Miller, the President of the Student Alumni Ambassadors at EKU, took some time to answer our questions about her experiences as a student leader:

  • Would you describe what kinds of campus leadership you are involved in?

    Currently, I am the President of the Student Alumni Ambassadors. I have the opportunity to help coordinate, oversee, and be involved in all kinds of rewarding experiences. Some of my favorite events are the ones that engage alumni, for example, homecoming, alumni weekend and regional alumni events. It has been a blessing to get see what goes on behind the scenes at these events to make sure the alumni have a great time. I think the most important part of being a leader is doing what you ask others to do. Although I often delegate tasks in order to better balance my life and to give others experience, I still have to be willing to help out with tasks as well. I have been extremely lucky in being surrounded by great leaders like President Whitlock, Jey Marks, Joey Foster, Steve Greenwell, and Jackie Collier. These people have helped me to see the qualities that are important in order to be an effective leader. Some of these qualities include being respectful, having open communication, having faith in the people around you and the ability to laugh at yourself.

  • How has your student experience informed your worldview?

    I’ve learned that it takes all kinds of people, with different backgrounds, different views and different stories, to be successful. If we do things the way they have always been done, we will never achieve any new results. It is through the opinions and ideas of others that help show different perspectives and lead to further success.

  • What are your ambitions for your future?

    My ambitions for the future include receiving my degree in Forensic Science (a childhood dream) and hopefully finding a job. I am not sure what profession I am going to pursue yet, but down the road I have always dreamt of being a Special Agent in the FBI. This is a long term goal, but I believe if I truly want to do that, I will be able to achieve it.

  • What do you think you have gained from your leadership experiences?

    I have gained a great deal of knowledge that will help me down the road not only in the professional world, but in my personal life as well. The greatest thing I have gained from my leadership experiences is how to better relate to people. I caught a glimpse into the future professional world over the summer at my internship and I was able to relate to my boss and my coworkers better because of my experience as a leader. I have also gained more confidence in myself and my abilities because of these experiences.

  • Is there anything about the student experience at EKU that you think is unique to the institution?

    EKU is unique because She honestly cares about each student’s success. Although “success” is relative, if you have a hope or a dream, EKU can and will help make it happen. From the faculty and staff to the university leaders, everyone is always open to help and encourage any way they can.

  • How do you think a women’s leadership scholarship might benefit the EKU community?

    I think this scholarship will help to recognize EKU for all Her work to encourage women’s success and that it will ensure that EKU continues to be a place of opportunity for women’s leadership. I believe this scholarship will help to produce more successful and confident women both in the workplace and at home.


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