The Day I Became Committed – Afsi Siahkoohi

As of September 9, 2012, I became committed to fitness.

I want to do well in the Disney Princess Half-Marathon but I was not making much progress. I participated in a 5K two-weeks ago ended in a finishing time of 34 minutes, which was not my goal. Disappointing. I was hot and didn’t prepare accordingly. If after 3 miles I was beat, how am I supposed to add 10 more? My roommate, Kaity Stout, and myself, thought it would be beneficial if we decided to mix up our running routines with some workout classes; thus a membership at Urban Active became a reality.

Starting a membership at Urban, turned into getting a free meeting with a trainer to discuss our goals, our problems spots, and who we wanted to “look like”, celebrity-wise. Frankly, I mentioned my friend, Alyson Dashner, who has completed a plethora of races, triathlons AND is a Bengals cheerleader, on the side. How does she stay committed to that lifestyle? I didn’t have that motivation. I’ve always felt pretty confident in how I looked but suddenly, I didn’t have the energy as I used to have.

I met my trainer at 4PM and told him I wanted to work on my core (who doesn’t?) and work towards my half-marathon goal. We did a few core exercises with a 6 lbs medicine ball, unsuccessfully, and then turned to take my BMI and my Body Fat Percentage. Gripping this machine, it read 26%… 26%! My mouth dropped. My Body Fat Percentage is TWENTY-SIX PERCENT!

“A fourth of me is FAT!” I yelled.

“I’ve never quite had it put that way…”

I stared at the numbers. There was my motivation I needed.

I’m running in the Disney Princesses Half Marathon to prove to myself that I am able and capable of doing this. I’ve always admired people that are able to push their body to limits to do amazing things.

I’m also doing this because EKU pushed me to do things I never thought I could do. The Eastern community influenced me to believe in myself and made me realize that I am capable of achieving my goals. Fundraising for this scholarship will, hopefully, encourage a female to push herself to limits that she didn’t think were possible.


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