Student Spotlight- Sarah Larcade

Student Leadership Spotlight: Sarah Larcade

Sarah Larcade is entering senior year at EKU. Her experiences at Eastern thus far have left her with a passion for higher education. Sarah is currently serving as the Chief Justice of the Student Court in the Student Government Association. She is also the student representative on several University committees and works as a Guru Team Leader in the “Common Knowledge” program, which provides peer-to-peer mentorship and academic assistance to students.

Although she is not sure yet about exactly what she wants to do after she graduates, Sarah’s experiences as a student leader have provided her with some direction. In discussing her future ambitions, the influence of Sarah’s Eastern experience is clear: “Sometimes I have ambitions of going to law school to be a criminal prosecutor and eventually to be a judge. Other times I think I want to stay in higher education and work with students forever. Regardless of what I want to do as a career, I know I eventually want to start a non-profit organization for young children and high school students in Kentucky that would inspire them to pursue higher education and help them be successful.”

Sarah credits her time at Eastern for helping her realize her goals for the future. She said, “In totality, EKU has shaped my ambitions. Through EKU, I have been able to work with other students, be very involved in judicial affairs, and intern on Capitol Hill for a semester, where I realized my true passion for education… specifically higher education. In my positions on campus, I have developed a natural helping hand to students who are struggling or prospective students. I love sharing my story and helping others realize their higher education dreams and how to achieve them.”

The wide range of opportunities that have become available to Sarah have informed her view of the character of Eastern Kentucky University, “Beyond the opportunity to be a meaningful part of the University community, EKU offers its students a variety of different experiences that are realistic to pursue. Through EKU, I have moved to D.C. for a semester to intern on Capitol Hill for pay, traveled to Tanzania on the east coast of Africa to take a course and earn credit toward my minor, serve as the Chief Justice of the Student Court, and do meaningful work as a Guru helping other students be successful. I can’t imagine having all of those opportunities at any other university, and I think that the breadth of experiences being offered is a good indicator of how much EKU cares about its students.”


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