Meet Erica

Name: Erica Newsome

Eastern Connection:Friends who are Former Alumni and/or Currently Enrolled at EKU

Interests: Outdoor Enthusiast, Nature Lover, Green Living, Health & Fitness, Health Sciences, Fashion, Interior Design

Hobbies: Running, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Soccer, Crafting, Gardening, Upcycling-Recycling by reusing something for an upgraded purpose

Why I’m Running:
I’ve always had a passion for running and maintaining an active lifestyle. Growing up in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky sparked my interest for exploration. Often times I’d find myself venturing off the beaten path and network of sidewalks in a quest to see unscathed beauty. When a winding road turns to gravel, and gravel turns to dirt…then and only then, could my legs and feet could take me to places that I wanted to see. Running provides a healthy outlet for me to express myself and indulge in the joys that I find in life. Trail running through the mountains in Pikeville, KY enabled me to build upon and finesse my endurance that participating in track & field for years never offered.  My experiences with distance running are still very new.  However, through running and training for this race, I feel that I can not only reach a personal goal but inspire others to get out and step outside their comfort zone.  Life can present opportunities to one in such at way that it’s a sprint to the finish. While other times, life can be most rewarding when you pace yourself, prove your worth, and take the time along with a drop or two of patience to make through the marathon distance to reach your dreams.  Through my updates on my progress in preparation for this race, I believe many students at EKU will be able to relate and search within themselves to find the source of light for their own passions. Even as an experienced runner, training for this will be completely new and present a challenge for me. I hope to exemplify that even though I didn’t attend EKU; I respect and realize what it does have to offer. First and foremost higher education is so important in the world we live in now. Eastern provides Kentucky with yet another institution to be recognized for providing remarkable education in the Bluegrass, positive atmosphere, fellowship, and instill friendships that make the university unique and desirable for the various walks of life. To represent EKU by participating as a runner on this team composed of friends and alumni, I am willing to work hard and enjoy the entire journey towards two things: this half marathon, and starting a women’s leadership scholarship at Eastern.

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