Meet Rebecca

Name:  Rebecca Gillem

Eastern Connection: Alumna, 2008 graduate with a B.A. in Spanish

Interests:  Weather, Pop culture, Cats on the Internet, My dog

Hobbies:  Hiking, Baking, Keeping up with My Shows

Why I’m Running:

I am running this race because I believe in Eastern.  I believe in its ability to change a student’s life.  Eastern helped me see things in myself I would not have otherwise recognized.  Underneath the surface of a timid girl, I have uncovered a woman capable of changing the world.  Because of the experiences I had while at EKU, I was able to learn what my passions were and how to pursue them.

I’m not the best runner or athlete but I have a warrior heart.  Hopefully other women will be inspired by our triumphs into realizing dreams of their own.  The best thing I took away from Eastern was the truth that I always have people cheering me on no matter where I am or what I’m doing.  The Power of Maroon is everywhere and I am fortunate to be in the company of such strong women.  Here’s to clearing a path for more to follow in our footsteps!


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